Bullet Journal Setup Guide

Bullet Journal Guide

I just got a new Bullet Journal… Want to see how I set it up? Here’s the Bullet Journal guide.

…….. Ahh! I open the parcel and see the fresh, bright orange diary. I open it and it’s smooth, clean and beautifully dotted. Hello Rhodia!

Bet you can’t guess I got a new journal this weekend. I had reached my limit with my Leuchtturm1917 whitelines dot grid journal. It is still awesome… but just can’t see the dots in any sort of dull light!

So, it’s time to set up this journal… and start afresh with a new “method” of doing it that I’m pretty sure is a culmination of all the other hacks I’ve tried. If you want to see more of my Bullet Journal journey, head down to the bottom of this post to see them!

What I useBullet Journal Guide

That would be the Rhodia a5 Webnotebook in Dot Grid. In orange nonetheless!  For a pen, I’m finding Black Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V7 RT 0.7mm is my favourite in this book at the moment. Quick enough to dry, but stunning to write with. And a fine enough point for my liking. Other than this, a nice straight ruler and any pencil works well – as well as the Post-It Note Tabs both approximately 1/2 inch and 1 inch ones.

Set UpBullet Journal Guide

In the front, I have the drawn in pencil two lines about 4-5 squares in to create a margin. This leaves space for notes on the left side too (Wonderful tip I got from here!). I do this on about 15-20 pages – basically as many as I feel like doing at the time. At the top of the first page, I put the tab “Daily”.

Bullet Journal GuideThen at the back, I create a master to-do list. This is ruled up in the same way as it is in the front of the book – I use the margin to show where I have done that task. This is for the stuff that isn’t for today, but it’s for the near future (I usually have a “someday” page as well for that interesting stuff I don’t want to do now). A tab goes at the top called “do”. I leave about 8-10 pages for this, and then I put another Tab up the top called “New”. Now I know where to find my daily list, my master to-do list and my new page at just a flick of my thumb!

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My key is generally a triangle for events, nothing for tasks undone, coloured in box for tasks done and a spot (distinctly black circle that’s coloured in) for notes, I also use a few other signifiers that I’ll write about in future posts. Go check out here to see if any have popped up yet!  Migrated tasks get a migrated arrow with a date they’ve been migrated to on the left side of the box. And once I’ve finished migrating that page (and ALL the pages before it), I put a tick in the top corner. The ALL the pages before it bit before it is the key for this to work without missing things!

NOTE: I use a weekly loose leaf sheet for the tasks ahead of time and Google Calendar for advance appointment planning.

I feel so fresh again with new ideas and motivation now I know I’m on top of it all once again!

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