Bullet Journal tip – Signifier for postponed tasks!

Bullet Journal Tip - Send tasks to Master List

“I want to do it… Just not now” – what to do with those tasks!
Bullet Journal Tip - Send tasks to Master List

I find that every week or two, I have tasks that I’ve just not done. It isn’t urgent, isn’t too important but I’d like to do it nonetheless (for instance, setting up a longer challenge over at Nipenda – Life + Love or one of my Facebook groups that I run through it!).

I don’t like leaving them on my active to-do list for way too long as it just gets messy and unproductive.  Basically, I want to postpone them until ‘later’. So, this little signifier was created to show where to I put it! I use this signifier of a wee table in the margin and an arrow pointing to the applicable tasks check box.

Bullet Journal - Master todo listThen, at the back of my book where I keep my master to-do list, I jot down the task I need to do at some stage. Whilst I’m there, I check through to make sure nothing needs to be popped back to the daily task list.

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  1. Jennifer Bertotti says:

    I am a little confused by this hack , can you articulate it a little better?

    • Hannah Noble says:

      Absolutely 🙂 I have things on my daily lists that don’t need to be done now, but do need to eventually be done. So, in the back of my diary, I have a master task list – where all my “do sometime” tasks are. If something is in this category on my daily task list, I draw the master task list icon (the window like icon – arrow is pointing to it in thephoto) and and arrow to show that I’ve migrated it to there. Then I copy it to the master taks list and don’t worry about it until I need to do it. In this case, teeth clean was seeing the dental hygeniest for a clean. Not urgent, not doing it soon, but still needs to be done 🙂

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