Bullet Journal Weight Signifier

Bullet Journal Weight Signifier

My Bullet Journal Weight Signifier – #

If you have something in  in your bullet journal that you write everyday that you like to track, it can help to have a certain signifier for these! My symbol is the hashtag/number # sign and my weight each day I weigh myself.

Today’s post is to simply share mine… and to say (read, celebrate!) that today,  I weigh 86.3kg. Make sure to check back next week to see how I track my weight on a longer term basis in the Bullet Journal! And to see my progress over the past few weeks!

Do you have a Bullet Journal weight signifier if you use a Bullet Journal?

If you are interested in Bullet Journalling and you haven’t already, pop over to the group I help admin, Minimalist Bullet Journals. If you don’t know what I mean, and want to know more, Tiny Ray of Sunshine has a great post here about what it is and setting it up. (Note: I don’t use the Future Log myself!) 🙂 I have heaps of posts here if you want to read more! 

🙂Bullet Journal Weight Signifier