LCHF Keto Chocolate Cream

Keto Chocolate Cream

LCHF Keto Chocolate Cream

Sometimes I NEED a sweet taste – even if I don’t actually want the carbs of sugar. This is where Keto Chocolate Cream comes in. Nice healthy fats, low carb fruit and a bit of safe sweetener! 🙂 Creamy chocolate cream with a slightly tart berry coulis, crunchy chia seeds and sliced almonds!Keto Chocolate Cream

Chocolate Cream recipe
1-2 serves

100ml cream
1 tsp cocoa powder
2 tsp sugar substitute (so equaling 2tsp sugar – for mine this is 1 and 1/3 tsp – I prefer Stevia and erythritol mixes as they don’t spike your blood sugars)
Optional – Vanilla extract (not sweetened) 🙂

Mix it together
Whip the cream it together adding a little vanilla if you want.


Get 50gm frozen berries
Defrost them.
Add 1 tsp sugar substitute (as above) and mash together.
I scatter the berries, 1/2 tsp chia seeds and 1 TBSP almonds over the top of the chocolate cream for a delicious quick keto dessert.

I also do this with cream that doesn’t have chocolate in it and for a massive treat, a tiny sprinkle of chopped or grated (keto friendly -90% for instance!) chocolate 🙂

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