My 10 Year Love Story Secrets!

love story

A 10 year love story secrets!

love storyThe last ten years, what a ride it’s been. 10 years ago, I married my best friend. I was a young 20 year old and I in all honesty, had little idea what I was doing. I had a belief that marriages were for life – and thankfully Isaac did and does too. 10 years on, we are here, still loving each other. Still fighting occasionally, disagreeing daily, flirting a bit less than then and worn and polished by daily life. But still immensely happy that we have each other. It’s a love story and life story.

We’ve done two months with Jesiah in NICU. We’ve done moving towns twice and a number of moves between. We’ve done changing jobs, university study…. even cancelling university study ON the day we moved. We’ve done depression and family and joy filled holiday. Medication-induced periods of no sleep – for us and the kids. And we’ve done family. Joy and sadness, Sickness and health, good times and bad times. And all those wedding vowed things.

10 year love story I’d love to share my secrets to success… but it’s so hard to explain. It’s the quirky vow we made on our wedding day (not actually in the wedding celebration though!). “I promise to love you, even when I don’t like you”. It’s that in real, practical and at times, sucky life. To “suck up” not being put first in the times your amazing other half is grumpy, irritated and – in hindsight – depressed for months on end. To have him make dinner and not walk out when I lay in bed and cry, snap at him and ‘be a word I’d rather not use’. It’s fun and games on the good days. And solid, never stopping commitment on the bad days. It’s getting a wedding ring tattooed… because we ARE NOT ending this. Like it or lump it.

So thank you Isaac, thank you for putting up with me. Loving me. Caring for me. Supporting me in my worst and my best. Thank you for being the best husband for me.

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