The Best Aliexpress Shopping List

AliExpress Best Shopping List

Aliexpress shopping listAliexpress Shopping List

I’ve been considering doing an Aliexpress round up for a wee while. All those things that I’ve been buying and I’ve absolutely LOVED. I don’t make a cent off these referrals, so they are simply from my favourite purchases πŸ™‚

This wireless LCD thermAliexpress Thermometer! Cheap, wireless, batteries last a long time and it works perfectly – we used it on holiday in the campervan. Velcroed with super strong velcro to the outside (protected area!) of the campervan and in on the dash and it meant we knew when to put the heating on earlier. Hubby has stolen it and taken it to work to check the workshops temperature and what it is outside… not mine anymore!Β Aliexpress speaker

This Mini Speaker. It’s only $4US and it’s absolutely perfect for playing that repetitive kids music that they need played. All. Night. Long. It plugs in via USB and just takes a microSD card. They are cheap for a small one on Aliexpress too if needed πŸ™‚ It’s not incredible sound quality, but it’s rechargable (at least, until it’s had months and months of being connected without using the batteries!), has a colour changing LED light at the bottom and the volume means you can definitely hear it from the next room on loud…
Aliexpress led
LED lights… Christmas is getting closer now! Make sure you order some lights ahead of time. We made a light grotto last Christmas with a fridge box. We stabbed holes in the top, poked the lights through and the kids played in their playhouse with the 50 lights spotted over the ‘ceiling’. They aren’t even $4 a set!

All your cellphone needs – do you need a USB cable? Don’t go for the cheapest, but other than that, they are wonderful from Aliexpress. Or if you have USB-C connection on your phone, get a Micro USB (what everyone has!) to USB-C connection so you can keep a connection with you when you are out and about – who knows when you’ll run out of charge at the most difficult time! Aliexpress timer

The humble timer… So useful when you want it to go off every 1.5 hours to ensure your miss 2 doesn’t wet her pants again (today’s use!). This is magnetic, so sticks to my whiteboard, but not the best if you are wanting it standing up somewhere. But, it is the cheapest on Aliexpress!
Aliexpress Velcro Cord Tie
Velcro cable tiesΒ -These are so cheap and so useful. At 10 cents (US) each “ish” you can’t complain! You can tie up all the cords that are irritating you (headphone cables anyone?!)
Aliexpress Silicone Cover
The things you don’t know existed. Protect your car key buttons from an accidental spillage with a silicone cover. Extra bonus of it being a bright colour so it’s easier to find too! πŸ™‚

Aliexpress padlockDo you need a combination padlock? This one with a wee wire rope connector is amazing. I use it to stop the kids being able to access a small bag that lives in my handbag. It means I can have medication… or things like a spare lollipop for emergencies (them, not me!) that is figuratively out of their reach. Aliexpress Glitter Tape

This Glitter washi tape!! πŸ™‚ It is removable and absolutely stunning!

Aliexpress NFC tagsNFC stickers… You are probably wondering WHAT are those? They are a sticker that has a chip in it that only works when your cellphone is touching it. Perfect to connect with that bluetooth device, turn on wifi when you get home and more. More info on here soon! πŸ™‚

Glass cellphone screen protector – just search your model and brand and ‘Tempered glass screen protector’ and you’ll find one!
Aliexpress panty liner
From the “cheaper living side”, and much cheaper than panty liners! Remember you wash your knickers anyhow πŸ™‚

A 5 port USB charger. It charges fastΒ and means you don’t need lots of chargers hanging about. Aliexpress sink

Sink cleaner…. Who else struggles with hair down their shower?

Buttons. One of those things you keep putting off getting for repairing something. Just think – in about two weeks those buttons could arrive ON your doorstep ready to repair it! πŸ™‚

A quick charge car charger. If you have a quick charging phone, this is worth itAliexpress car chargers weight in gold. We all know how fast phones can die these days and this will push some extra power to your phone, even if you only have a few minutes. It’s amazing quality and charges FAST
Aliexpress torch
Torch – this one is bright, zoomable and well made!
Aliexpress head torch
Head torch – No it doesn’t last for huge amounts of time (2-4 hours if on max brightness!) butΒ you can’t beat it for brightness…. or price!

Gloves for the kids – Cheap, warm and work great for winter πŸ™‚

A ipad holder for the car headrest… Want to keep the kids occupied on the next long trip?
Aliexpress raincoat
Cheap PVC rain jacket for a holiday – Long enough to keep the water out and you can just dry it off with a towel before your next outing… They are also reasonably durable – not incredible, but will more than do a holiday. And it’s less than $5 anyhow!

HDMI cable? We needed a short one from TV to the laptop – and at $1.69 it was perfect.
Aliexpress Necklace
Silicone necklace for baby to suck on and actually looks good? And under $5 too!
Aliexpress DVR
Car video recorder. I’d TOTALLY have this when you are on a holiday or using someone else’s car. It means anything in front of you is recorded so you have evidence of any crashes…. I can’t wait to watch some of our holiday footage…. I suspect we had a few stupid things happen in front of us!
Aliexpress pocket
Finally, the best holiday organisation tool, a wardrobe hanging pocket holder. Car keys in one, wallet in the next, USB cable in one, socks for kids in one and so on!

What are your suggestions? Any wee treasures you’ve found on Aliexpress? Anything you’d like me to find for you? I can be your personal searcher to find the item you so desperately need! Let me know over at my facebook page! πŸ™‚

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  1. Jesi Allen says:

    These are some great finds and I’d never heard of Aliexpress before. I really need that 5 port USB charger and probably some of the mini velcro zip ties, I have cords every where!

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