Kai Iwi Lakes

Kai Iwi Kaiiwi Lakes

Kai Iwi Lakes

Note: This is a sponsored post – but… to be fair I contacted them and was going whether it was sponsored or not! I LOVED it and it was everything I’d dreamed of – except sunny! 

With a friend who lives up North, I’ve seen pictures of places I want to visit… and let me tell you this was number 1. The summery day, close to a tropical island look sand and clear water looked incredible. Turning up at about 9pm, we’d already encountered sleet and a whole lot of wind. Yes, Northland. Yes, it was spring. So lets just say the only thing we were interested in was a sheltered spot and to stop the endless rocking of the wind! Thank goodness for the diesel heater that was keeping us warm and cosy.


The next morning I was eager to get up and take the kids for a walk. It turned out we had stayed at the start of a small peninsula. The storm was settled, but by no means gone. We rugged up warm and curiously explored the area. The difference from one side – grey, blacks and reflections of water where the sun was peeking through the clouds – to the other – clear blue water, clean sand and looking crispy beautiful – was stunning.

Once we got a bit of an idea where we were supposed to have gone the night before (We totally missed an obvious sign on the way in!), we popped over to the camp office and then explored the other side of the lake.

The lake has clarity underwater that is similar or better than many of the tropical islands. From what I read online, the temp is awesome in summer (not so tropical after winter, then a freezing day!). I know I can’t wait to pop up here in summer at some stage and enjoy it – as much as sand isn’t quite my favourite thing in the world! 🙂

I’ll just leave this video here to show you what I’m looking forward to… 🙂


Kai Iwi Lakes
Cost: Summer Prices per night – 1st December – 30 April (Winter prices are $2-3 less)  – $15.00 Adult (15 years+) – $8.00 Child (0-14y)
Power: Extra charge of $15 per night

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