A piece of my childhood – Matakohe Kauri Museum

Matakohe Kauri Museum

Matakohe Kauri Museum

Note: This is a sponsored post – but… to be fair I contacted them and was going whether it was sponsored or not! I LOVED it! 

In hindsight, attempting a museum at 4pm, with 2 preschoolers – tired I might add – is never the best idea. Pity the museum closed though as we could’ve kept going for hours! This was up cruising up to the Matakohe Kauri Museum. 4pm. Rainy and cold and it was even going to sleet just after we were there. I’m assured this is NOT the norm for the weather here!

We walked inside after the obligatory photos to be greeted by masses of wood carpentry adorning the walls, and that beautiful scent of wood – kauri for the most part.

Let me backtrack. 20 years ago, I went on holiday with my family – 3 months in a bus in the North Island. I remember bits and pieces of the trip but little more clearly than the Museum. It was a memory worth having. So on this trip, it was one of my must-do’s.

I 100% admit I smelt the Kauri gum as we went around the different displays. And I definitely sought out the exhibits I’d seen in the past so I could have “old and new” photos with them.

But it was seeing my children’s reactions to it. Isabelle adoring the babies through the windows in the model rooms. Jesiah loving the (semi) operational sawmill and getting very very very in depth descriptions from Isaac of how it worked. In detail.

The intricate detail of carvings was the thing that stood out to me, and the glimmering shimmering wood grain of the Kauri and other woods. Natural beauty for sure.

Isaac rated it a 12 out of 10 as we drove away. Jesiah is still talking about the Kauri Gum.

I know 100% we’ll be back for a good few hour visit when we are up that way again!!

Cost: Under 5 free – $8 Kids – $20 Student or Senior (65+) – $25 Adult
And it’s worth every cent!

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