The Challenge Community? What’s that!

Challenge Community

The Focus Movement? Challenge Community?

*This is no longer active* Challenge Community

What is it? The Focus Movement was set up a few months ago to run a challenge where you focused on your goal for a little each day. (And more info below on our current challenge!). Since then, the groups I run have developed more and we’ve found a new way that The Focus Movement will be used and run. The Challenge Community though?

Firstly, our name will be changing to Challenge Community – because this is what we are. A community to be challenged in.

This group will now be the place that holds all the challenges for the groups. This week, we’ll be starting a new challenge! I’ll be gathering people from the different groups who want to join in and then I’ll be running the challenge (5 weeks, free, declutter your house – if you were wondering 😉 ) in there. I’ve previously run challenges that were about sorting out the stuff in the house (12 weeks), weight loss (from 4-12 weeks), the focus movement challenge and others. This is just a step up in making a special place for them.

I will be using my blog page on facebook for putting resources up too – so make sure to join the challenges there. If you haven’t checked out the wide range of facebook groups we have, make sure to pop over to see what they are.

We are all about involvement and participation. From the previous challenges I’ve run, the ones who get involved, look and chat each day (even if they are feeling overwhelmed with life) tend to do the best by far. They are the ones that make some massive life changes.

This first challenge will consist of 6 activities a week. You can do them all on one day (or at least… try!) or spread them out. Feel free to leave one or two if they aren’t relevant and do something else instead. Make them fit your life. If you work fill time, do 5 mins in the evening or a couple of hours on Saturday instead. Remember, decluttering your home is going to make life EASIER for you, but it can be hard to start with.  So come and change your life, starting with a decluttering challenge over here at the Challenge Community 🙂

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