3 Ways With Potatoes – Frugal Potato Ideas!

Potato Ideas

3 Ways With… Potatoes – Frugal Potato Ideas and Recipes

Potato Ideas

Welcome to our newest series here at Nipenda – Life + Love. This is all about cheap food on a budget when you have the same thing in the house! 🙂 This is all about yum food at a frugal price, and using and ingredient in different ways – today for instance, potato ideas! The breakdown prices are all NZ $ and based on prices I’ve recently brought things for – specials won’t always be this good, I know! We are a family of two adults (bigger eaters!) and a 5yo (eats heaps!) and a 2yo (bit picky) for comparison.

Today’s focus is the humble potato. There are so many ways that these can be used, but sometimes inspiration is nowhere to be found! So here are three potato ideas for you when you get another cheap bag of potatoes!

ONE: Frittata.
Slice up cooled boiled potatoes (perfect for leftovers!) into thin ‘ish’ slices. Once sliced, lay them in layers with other food in the fridge – I’ve used anything tasty like bacon, salami, cheese (think any of the ones in the reduced to clear section like feta or cream cheese too!), chorizo, mince (browned first) and other leftovers. I usually add veggies to bulk it out – Take your pick! Broccoli, cauliflower, mixed vegies, spinach, zucchini slices or grated, beans and so much more! Remember, meat ends in the supermarket are a cheaper way of getting a deli meat for this too!Potato Ideas

Then, once layered (and sometimes in the middle of it too!) I crack eggs over the top. If I’m using a larger dish, I will crack the entire 12 eggs over it, if not, I’ll go for less. Grate some cheese (old hard parmesan in the fridge is a treat on this too!) and in the oven it goes at 200 degrees C until it’s ready – 20-30 mins I find usually. We find this, with 12 eggs will last us (2 adults and 2 kids – big meals!) around two dinners.

Potato’s (cheap!) $1 for 1.5kg,
Eggs $3 for 12
Veggies $1.5 (for half a bag of mixed veggies )
Cheese 50gm 40c
Bacon ends 200g at $7kg – 1.4
TOTAL: $7.30 total or $3.65 per meal.

TWO: Wedges
Slice up your potatoes into to wedges, pop them in a pan and give a pour of oil (2-4 tablespoons is near enough). Then get a 1/4 cup of flour, about 1-1.5 tablespoons of stock (chicken is yum!) and a good few shakes of cajun seasoning. Once done, mix it up and sprinkle over the wedges. Mix it in and sprinkle the rest – cook at 210 degrees C until done. 40 mins approximately usually

Potato’s (cheap!) $1 for 1.5kg
Stock – $0.30c max
4 TBSP oil – 15c
Cajun 20c max
Flour 4c
TOTAL: $1.70 max for 1.5kg wedges

Add some yummy lamb chops and veges for a well-rounded meal 🙂

Chop up your leftover cooked potatoes (even roast ones!) or use leftover mashed potato. Chop up any leftover meat, veggies, roast veggies, get some mixed veggies out, whatever suits! Even an egg or two works! Then put some oil (about 2TBSP) in a pan and heat til hot. Pour in your ingredients and fry until there are crispy bits. Tomato sauce is delicious over this!

Potato’s (cheap!) $1 for 1.5kg
Oil: 7c
300gm leftover lamb chops @ $10kg – $3
Mixed veggies – half a bag – $1.50
Tomato sauce…. I won’t even guess with the amount some kids use!
TOTAL: $5.57

There are a huge amount of potato ideas and recipes online… but I’d love to hear your frugal potato ideas!

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