3 Ways With Eggs – Frugal Egg Recipes!



Yummy Egg recipes!

Welcome to our newest series! This is all about cheap food on a budget when you have the same thing in the house! 🙂 This is all about yum food at a frugal price, and using an ingredient in different ways – today we are looking at eggs!

Today, we welcome our first guest poster, Millie from Cheap and Healthy Family Dinners! 😊 I love her page for some yummy and frugal ideas – totally pop over and have a look.

Just wanted to share three meal ideas using eggs with you all – such a great ingredient nutritionally, and also on the wallet – personally we have five chooks so get our eggs pretty much for free, many of you will be the same! Otherwise,you can buy super cheap or expensive eggs, whatever suits your budget (eg cage to organic free range!).Eggs

1. Omelettes are the bomb and are great for breaky, lunch OR dinner!! I love to make omelettes (or get my hubby to 😉) when we have excess eggs – use 2-3 eggs per person, whisk together with some salt and pepper and pour into a hot oiled pan. Use a spatula to pull in the sides as it cooks, throw in some fillings (cheese, ham, spinach a fave over here), fold in half once egg is set, and flop out on your plate. Yummy!!!

Eggs2. Frittata or quiche is another super way to use eggs and any leftovers and convert them into a cheap and healthy dinner!! You can just pop leftover roast meat and/or veges into a baking dish and pour over your eggy mixture (6+ eggs, grated cheese, some milk, salt and pepper) and bake for 20mins til egg has set. Super yum and helps use up anything you may have wasted otherwise 👍🏼

3. Poached eggs are my third fave thing to do with eggs!!! Haha – again, great for breakfast, lunch OR dinner!!! I crack my eggs into a deep pot of swirling boiling water with a splash of vinegar (helps keep the white together), cook for approx 3 mins (watching all the time!) and serve on toast or a vegetable rosti with tomatoes avocados or whatever is delish on the side.
Enjoy!! Love you to pop over and checkout Cheap and Healthy Family Dinners! ❤

Thanks heaps Millie for the amazing post, go and enjoy her awesome ideas and we’ll be back soon with some more yummy frugal ideas!

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