How to Close a Facebook Group for Christmas

Close a facebook group

how-to-close-a-facebook-group-for-christmasAre you a group admin who’s wanting to close a group for a day? Christmas anyone?! Here is the ‘how to close a group for a day’ guide!

We’ve used this in our group of 33,000 people a couple of times. You can use it to close a group when people are grumpy and not listening. It has the effect of bringing out those who are supportive of the admins for those cases. You can also use it as we are – to close a group for Christmas Day or another relevant day for your group.

Step OneGet your members alongside you.
If it’s a planned closure (admins deserve holidays!!) make sure to share with your members a number of times what is happening so that they notice it. If you are still deciding what to do, put a poll up of how many hours admins should take off. You’ll (usually) find theres a lot more support for closure than you’d realised! This has the added effect of having them backing you if anyone complains about it!

Step Two – Be in the group when you said you were going to close it off.

reminder-1Step Three – Post your “What’s happening” message. 
Create a picture for posting on the group or feel free to download this one that I’ve created 🙂 Post this post and your details of what happening. At minimum (for a planned closure), we will put up why you are closing, what time/day you are closing and when you are opening again and a thank you and enjoy yourself or similar.

Step Three – Turn off the new posts feature. Get on a PC and go to the … icon (usually top right corner) and then Close a facebook groupchange the setting to Admins only can post new posts.
This turns off NEW posts, but not comments on existing posts.

Step Four – Leave the new post you’ve created with comments turned on whilst the typical people ask why this is happening 🙂

Step Five – Turn comments off on posts
Jump in the group and start turning comments off by clicking the arrow in the top right hand corner then turn off commenting. Turn off comments on the top posts (I usually go down about 20 posts and turn off these) and then anything that pops up during the closure gets an immediate turn off and delete of the comment left.
Finally, comment on the post you made and then turn the commenting off on this too – This pops it up to the top so people see it when they come in. You DON’T want it pinned as this will hide it away more.

Step Six – Enjoy the time off!
It can be worth popping back once or twice to turn the comments off if people have found open ones… 😉

Step Seven – Reverse everything
Reverse the steps above and prepare yourself for an onslaught of amazing members praising the time away… And a few grouchy ones potentially too.

Close a facebook groupNOTE: If you’ve done this as an unplanned closure, I find bringing out our positive members such as this post we did below works well to avoid the dramas after it opens again. (Click on the photos to see them clearer)

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