Who is Hannah?!

Hi, I’m Hannah. 🙂
I live in New Zealand (yes, we speak English here!). I’m in my early 30’s and a mummy of two awesome kids – a preschooler and boy newly at school… and the lucky wife of her husband.

I have been blogging since early 2016 and am most passionate about running facebook groups and the challenges I run through them.

I have interests and passions widespread… a few being getting healthy (using the keto diet), finances and living cheaply, organising my home, selling ‘stuff’ online, my friends, my family, the facebook pages I run (links here!) , God, supporting others… Ok! Time to stop! This is me, just as I am, great days, worse days and the excitement of my life.

Of course, you want know some interesting things about me right? Isn’t that why anyone comes to an “about me” page! So…

  • My oldest boy was born at 29 weeks after I went into labour at 27+6
  • I can touch my toes… easily!
  • I love the sound of a storm – as long as it doesn’t sound like a tornado (being very close to one is more than enough!).
  • I have lived in a bus as a child with my 3 brothers and poor mum and dad!

I am a qualified Early Childhood teacher so the kid-focused blogs I do can come from an education and parent mix.

The most popular and interesting blogs I’ve written are these ones:

If you are interested in having me as a guest blogger or having a guest post on Nipenda, please contact me! I’m totally open to sharing my stories and tips 🙂 My guidelines for guest posting are here, but I really am flexible.