A few years ago now, I created our first page, and from there, I’ve created more and more groups. This is the ‘Sister Network’. Groups linked via community connections and inspire many in so many different ways. Over 24000 members in Nov 2016 and growing by hundreds daily. We are mostly a New Zealand network.

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New Zealand Groups (Worldwide below!)

Cheaper Living NZ
New Zealand community for living cheaper and making better decisions with your money

Organised Chaos NZ 
The original Organised Chaos group for those from New Zealand – Perfect for home and life chat about being organised.

Healthy – Fit – Happy – NZ
New Zealand group for healthy support for your health, fitness and happiness. Shakes, wraps and diet pills aren’t the go here!

Keto NZ 
This is the New Zealand group for those who are following a Ketogenic (high fat, very low carb and moderate protein) diet.

Admins group for those who are an admin of an NZ (non-buy sell group) with 500+ members. PM me on facebook for access 🙂

Worldwide and New Zealand Groups

Frugal Kitchen
Frugal kitchen chatter for those looking to save money in the kitchen.

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And the speciality groups that are for those who’ve had the conditions my kids have in NZ. 

Kawasaki Disease New Zealand
A Kawasaki Disease support network for the patients and caregivers who are from New Zealand.

NZ Auto-Inflammatory and Periodic Fever Syndromes 
A patient and caregiver support network for those who have one of these conditions in New Zealand. This is for autoinflammatory (usually called a periodic fever syndrome) diseases not autoimmune diseases that have inflammation (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, fibro and things like this aren’t in the auto-inflammatory spectrum).